The “Hospice Emanuel” Oradea Foundation is a charitable, non-governmental organization, engaged in the care of adults and children patients from Oradea and the neighbouring villages, in the last stages of incurable diseases. Hospice Foundation seeks to work on local practices by promoting hospice philosophy and palliative care principles among professionals and the general public

Mission and vision

Hospice Emanuel Foundation is a charitable organization registered in Oradea, Romania.

Our goal is to provide specialized palliative care services without discrimination to people from our community, diagnosed with advanced cancers. Furthermore, we seek to work on local practices by promoting palliative care principles among professionals working in the health system and the general public.

Mission: to provide, in the spirit of love and Christian compassion, the best quality of life for the people diagnosed with incurable diseases and limited prognosis, residing in Oradea or the neighbouring villages.

Values and principles

At Hospice Emanuel we embrace and support the following virtues based on the institution’s mission and dedication of the staff and of the organization towards excellence and integrity:

Respectability. At Hospice Emanuel we recognize the value of each person and we are committed to maintaining freedom of choice and control of the patients we care for.

Compassion.  Assisted persons and their needs are our priority. At Hospice Emanuel we live and express our empathy for the patients’ condition and of the families’ we assist.

Christian Love.  Our attitude and work with the patients are inspired by the love and concern Jesus showed to those suffering back then.

Quality.  We strive to provide holistic, individualized and quality care for the assisted persons through professional and efficient interventions.

Support. At Hospice, we defend and promote mainly the interest of the assisted persons as well as the interest of the staff and volunteers, proving loyalty to our service users and colleagues.

Teamwork. At Hospice Emanuel, we maintain a fellow-like atmosphere based on respect and mutual support, by sharing the acquired experience and knowledge and promoting team work.

Hospice Emanuel sticks to the basic principles developed by WHO and detailed in the Council of Europe’s Recommendation Rec. (2003) 24 on granting palliative care.