Hospice Emanuel was set up, in 1996, at the initiative of one graduate of University Emanuel Oradea, being the second practice of home palliative care, in Romania.

The need to set up a community centre for palliative care in Oradea was desperate. At the time, most of the patients with advanced cancer were discharged from the hospital at home, without access to specialized medical care. There were no home health care services, while palliative care concept was new in Romania.

In the early years, Hospice Emanuel operated as one of the Christian Foundation for Social Assistance’s projects, an exclusively home care service for adult patients diagnosed with terminal cancer.

In 1999, following requests from the pediatric department, hospice services was extended to children suffering from various conditions with limited prognosis..

As a result of project development and trends of institutionalization of palliative care in Romania, Hospice Emanuel was registered as a separate organization in the Register of Foundations and Associations, acquiring legal personality in 2003.

Since 2004, Hospice Emanuel has been involved in teaching palliative care, organizing, along with the Centre for Education in Palliative Care from Brasov, introductory and specialist palliative care courses for professionals, working in the health and psycho-social systems.

In 2005, when celebrating The World Palliative Care Day, “Hospice Emanuel” home palliative care centre was opened in the presence of Dr. Mary Baines, a pioneer of the international hospice current, a former medical director of the first modern hospice, Hospice St. Christopher’s from London.

In 2012, the construction of the Centre for Integrated Services of palliative care for adults and children, began. In the new building will operate: an ambulatory care, a home palliative care centre, a day care facility, patient care unit for adults and children, palliative care training centre.