Providing professional palliative care services

Over 2,300 adult patients with advanced cancer and 250 children with life-threatening diseases have, so far, benefited of free home palliative care services, provided by Hospice Emanuel.

In 2016, following an evaluation process for quality of services, conducted by specialists, Hospice Emanuel obtained the Accreditation Certificate for “Excellency in provision of palliative care” with the highest score nationwide (94.5%) for palliative services granted at home.

Promoting the hospice concept and teaching palliative care

Since 2004, members of the hospice team, specialists in vocational training have been involved in teaching programs for physicians, nurses, caregivers and volunteers, organized in collaboration with the Centre for Education in Palliative Care from Brasov, and Bihor County’s College of Physicians.

Over 200 doctors and nurses have been trained in palliative care through introductory and advanced courses. There have, also, been organized training programs for caregivers, psychologists, volunteers and personal assistants of patients. The concept of hospice has been promoted in the community through brochures, articles, interviews in the media and general public events.

Supporting the patient’s rights to pain control and proper care

Hospice Emanuel was represented in:

Grupul de lucru al Asociaţiei Naţionale de Îngrijire Paliativă care a elaborat Standardele naţionale de îngrijire paliativă (document lansat oficial la Bucureşti, Ministerul Sănătăţii, în 2002).

The working group of the National Association of Palliative Care which has developed national standards for palliative care (a document officially released in Bucharest, by the Ministry of Health, in 2002)
The Committee of experts in palliative care of the Council of Europe (France, Strasbourg), which drafted Recommendation 24 (2003) on the organization of palliative care services in the Member States (officially released in 2005, in Belgrade).

The subcommittee of Palliative Care and Pain of the Ministry of Health, which proposed amendments to the legislation related to the legal regime of plants, psychotropic substances and chemicals and drugs, to facilitate patient access to opioid medication for pain control. (Law no. 339 from 29th of November 2005).

The working Group of the Palliative Care National Coalition which has drafted the minimum standards regarding palliative care services in Romania and legislative proposals in this regard. (These proposals are included in the framework agreement on conditions for granting medical assistance within the health insurance system in Romania for 2010, published at 1st of April 2010).