Emanuel Hospice is a non-profit charity under the ministries of Emanuel Church.  Its main activity is to offer palliative care to adults and children in Oradea and its surrounding areas that are diagnosed with advanced incurable diseases by providing for their medical, psychosocial and spiritual needs. Emanuel Hospice also seeks to influence the local practices by promoting the hospice concept and palliative care principles among professionals and the public.

The mission of our organization is to provide in the spirit of Christian love and compassion,  an optimal quality of life to the patients with advanced incurable diseases from our community so that they can live peacefully and in dignity.

Beneficiaries. Palliative care services are offered to adults with a confirmed diagnosis of advanced cancer who live in Oradea or up to 15 km around Oradea and to children (0-18yrs) diagnosed with a life threatening or life limiting condition that live in Oradea or up to 50 km away.

Services. The Emanuel Hospice team consists of specially trained physicians, nurses, social workers and psychologists that have received palliative care training. The Hospice team provide: medical and nursing services to relieve pain and other symptoms; information and education for patient and family regarding the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment; social services helping the patients to obtain state benefits, psychological and emotional support, spiritual assistance and bereavement support for families who lost a close person.

The services are free of charge and they are provided without discrimination to the eligible patients regardless of age, race, social statute or religion.